Know the Warning Lights on Your Subaru

Here at LaFontaine Subaru, we want you to have plenty of knowledge when it comes to knowing how your Subaru functions. Our vehicles provide us with warnings when something needs our attention through vehicle warning lights, and knowing those lights will go a long way in helping you keep your vehicle health high. So, what are some of them? Well, we've highlighted a few for you to learn more about.

  • Check engine light: the icon looks like an engine, and when it comes on, it's a big deal so make sure to get to our service center as soon as possible, because it could be many different issues from a loose gas cap to needing to replace something like spark plugs, a catalytic converter or oxygen sensor.
  • Brake system: when you see an exclamation point in a circle with two brackets around it, it can mean many things. Sometimes it could mean you're driving with the parking brake on and you need to put it in the off position, or your brake fluid is low, or your ABS has issues. Check the parking brake first, and if the light is still on, come in to our service center.
  • Reduced power warning: this light also looks like an engine, with a downward arrow in the middle of it. It usually indicates that your engine computer has limited power output, and getting to a service center is the first thing you should do.
  • Tire pressure monitoring system: this one looks like an exclamation point in a tire, shaped like a horseshow almost. This means your tire pressure is low and needs to be brought back to the right levels. It's an easy one to do on your own, but we also can help put air in your tires too.
  • Oil pressure warning: when this light that looks like an oil can stays lit it means you have lost oil pressure and should check it right away.

You can learn all about our Subaru warning lights and get more detailed descriptions here on our website. If you have any other questions our team would be happy to contact you and provide more details for you today.

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