Get Oil and Fluid Changes at LaFontaine Subaru


It goes without saying, but ensuring that your Subaru is getting routine maintenance and service plays a critical part in helping it last for as long as we know Subaru vehicles can last. Well-maintained vehicles often run into fewer issues because they are cared for the right way, and things can be spotted sooner so bigger problems don't exist down the road. Even small services like oil and fluid changes go a long way, and here at LaFontaine Subaru, we are here to help with that.

Having regular oil and fluid changes at suggested intervals not only helps your vehicle run smoother, but you'll maintain levels of efficiency, and have a cleaner ride as well. Our team here in our service center is here to help provide you with oil change and fluid checks, and know the right type of oil and fluids that can go into your Subaru to give it the most effective drive possible. That's what our years of expertise provides you, and is just one of many reasons having your vehicle serviced here at our dealership in Commerce, MI is the right way to go.

You can learn more about Subaru oil and fluid changes by contacting our service department and scheduling an appointment with us today!

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