Commerce Township, MI knows what it's like to experience all four seasons. We see it all and when we do we want to be prepared, especially with our cars. That's why here at LaFontaine Subaru not only can you find vehicles that you can depend on in all kinds of conditions, but we have ways to make sure your vehicle is ready to go, and can handle all the elements.

When you visit our Subaru weather service and preparedness page, you'll be able to find a whole list of ways that you can ensure that whether it is summer, spring, fall, or winter, your Subaru is ready to go. Some of those things include having first aid kits onboard, a blanket, flashlight, having the right tires, the right sort of engine oil and ensuring all your fluid levels and wheel and tire alignments and balances are in sync.

Doing this with the help of our service center is going to give you a smoother drive, and one that lasts, too. If you'd like to learn more or want to set up a service appointment, feel free to contact us online or stop in and see us during regular business hours and we'd be happy to answer your questions, and discuss it more.

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